I am kind of addicted to complexion brushes. I have been hearing a lot about Sigma, so I visited their website, found some interesting stuff, and gave it a try!

2015-12-13 14.17.28Today’s haul includes:
Sigma F55 Small Duo Fiber
Sigma F50 Duo Fiber
Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki
Sigma 3DHD Precision

First off, the brushes were packaged extremely well. Each brush was individually wrapped in plastic, then placed in a paper tube, which was then wrapped in tissue paper, which was then placed inside a box. Sigma also included a pamphlet which included photos of all of their other products (smart marketing) and tips on brush care.

Next, once unpackaged, I noticed how soft the brushes feel. In particular, the F80 and 3DHD precision brushes feel like very high quality brushes with their super densely packed and extra soft bristles. The brushes in my quiver that most closely resemble (as far as use) the F80 and 3DHD precision are the two that come on my dual-sided IT Cosmetics “Heavenly Luxe complexion perfection brush #7”, which was reviewed in my last post. For the most part, their uses are the same. While the Sigma brushes and the IT Cosmetics brushes are all soft, it seems that the Sigma brushes are even more densely packed! Totally crazy, because I thought the IT Cosmetics brushes were pretty dense. For the most part, I would use the All-Over side of the IT Cosmetics brush/Sigma F80 and the IT Cosmetics Conceal/Sigma 3DHD Precision for the same things, however there are a couple of differences I’ve already noticed.

3DHD vs IT Cosmetics Conceal
2015-12-13 14.26.03

For application of concealer underneath foundation both work very well.

For application of highlight over foundation I prefer the IT Cosmetics. With this brush, I apply highlighter directly onto my skin, and blend with the brush in a swirling motion and by rolling the brush in circles on my skin. This cannot be done with the shape of the 3DHD brush. When I tried to blend my cream highlighter with the Sigma 3DHD, the brush was so dense that I ended up pushing everything (highlighter and foundation) off my cheeks and hand to go back in with the IT Cosmetics brush to fix it.

For cleaning up lipstick I LOVE the Sigma 3DHD brush. The bristles on the Sigma 3DHD are short and dense. The angles that the brush is cut at also make it so unbelievably quick and easy to cut around your lips to clean up those lipstick lines.

For contouring around my small Asian nose, I actually use both. (My nose contouring routine is probably a little more lengthy that most being as I do not have a nose bridge).

F80 vs IT Cosmetics All-Over complexion brush

Now, these brushes are pretty different, but they are used for similar things so I am comparing them. The IT Cosmetics brush is fluffier and better used for application of powder foundations (though I still use it and think its great for liquids). The Sigma F80 is dense and better used for application of liquid or cream foundations. The IT Cosmetics brush excels at diffusing and blending product. I use the IT Cosmetics brush in swirling motions or by placing the brush on my skin and rolling the brush through my fingers to buff product onto my face. I tried the buffing technique with the Sigma F80.
Because the F80 is flat topped and ends with a sharp edge it does not diffuse product very well. This brush works better to place product down, and blend using sweeping motions. It is very thick, and like the 3DHD precision, if you are too heavy handed you run the risk of pushing product off of your face. I do kind of wish that I went for the full sized 3DHD brush instead of the F80. Since they seem to fill the same use I cannot justify owning both, and the fullsized 3DHD would be a more unique and useful addition to my make-up quiver.

Sigma Duo Fiber Brushes

I ordered the stippling brushes because I really need to replace the complete mess-of-a-stippling-brush that I own from BH Cosmetics. The BH Cosmetics stippling brush is the first of that kind that I’d ever owned. I had some trouble with it, and realizing that it may, very well, be a piece of shit, decided to give the Sigma brushes a try.

On first impression the Sigma Duo Fiber brushes are much higher quality than the BH Cosmetics brush of the same kind. I had no trouble dabbing and swirling on my foundation and powder with this. It even created a very nice diffused contour for me.

Let’s compare the BH Cosmetics duo fiber brush with that from Sigma:
2015-12-13 14.19.12

The BH Cosmetics brush is in the middle and though I’ve only had it for a month (perhaps a little more) the bristles are warped and leaning. Now, I am not sure if the bristles were like this when I initially┬áreceived the brush OR if the bristles became misshapen through washing, but either way, this leaning tower of duo fiber brush should still NOT be happening. We will see what happens with the Sigma duo fiber brushes, but after the first time using them, I like them much more. When I try to stipple with the BH cosmetics brush, the bristles all contract and lean to one side, completely deleting all the benefits of a stippling brush. The Sigma brushes on the other hand had a very nice bouncy feeling as the bristles spread and kind of ballooned as I dabbed the brush onto my face. We will see how they hold-up over time and a couple of washes.