I recently received a sample pack of Cascade Platinum Action Packs to test and review. Innitially, I wasn’t too excited to write a review on this product: I’ve used the regular Cascade liquid dishwasher fluid and didn’t think there would be much difference in performance. While the action packs LOOK cool, and seem quite convenient it really just seemed like a gimmick.

In the end, I DO think that these performed better than the regular Cascade liquid detergent. HOWEVER: I’m not sure if the cost effectiveness of the product makes it worth it.

Cost effectiveness:
At Walmart:
the action packs cost $5.99/pack of 25 (or 36cents/oz)
the traditional liquid costs $5.97/75oz bottle (or 8cents/oz)

By ounce, the action packs are outrageously more expensive than the bottle of liquid detergent.

While I wasn’t surprised that the action packs cost more, I was surprised at how well they cleaned the junk I threw in my dishwasher! The test items were very much dependent on what we were eating at the time and I didn’t have any of the foods that have proven most difficult in the past in this load (mashed potatos, crusty mustard, spinach and carrot pulp). Nonetheless, there was some hard to tackle goop in this load that was cleaned off entirety!

Day old coffee rings:


Crusty day old refried beans:


Misc multiple-day-old food mess:


Normally, I would have rubbed these down with a wet sponge before shoving them in the dishwasher. I was incredibly surprised when there was no food-crud left on the dishes after just tossing them in the dishwasher AND I was so happy to not have to hand wash the dishes after pulling them.from the dishwasher.

Another note on performance is the shine and spotlessness of glasses and silverware!
Pyrex bowl and silverware:


Here in eastern Washington state, the water isn’t incredibly hard, but I have noticed a couple spots on large glassware and silverware, and with the action packs have had a noticeable impact on that.

While I like the action packs for how well they cleaned and for their convenience, I am doubtful that I would purchase them again. It seems that the action packs have pre- and post-wash fluids in them to clean and leave a spot free finish, which make up SOME of the difference in price, but at over 4x the price per ounce, I don’t think I can justify purchasing it again.