I am a big fan of OCC Lip Tars, but I have been wanted to try different brands to see how they compare. Liquid lipsticks have been a trend for some time, so there is a huge selection to chose from. I went for a darker neutral shade from NYX- Abu Dhabi.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Abu Dhabi

Rating: 5/5 Obsessed!!

Price: $6 MSRP

For $6 you get an 8mL (or .27 fl oz) tube with a doefoot applicator (compare to OCC RTW Lip Tars which run $15 for 4mL). Right now, OCC is working on transitioning from the original lip tar packaging to the RTW tubes, making the original packaging lip tars $6, but the doefoot is much more convenient and easy to use! I tend to be a bit heavy handed with my brushes, so I get smoother, more even coverage using a doefoot.

Light and creamy. I hate to admit it because I love OCC’s company philosophy, but the NYX lip cream feels WAY better on my lips than the OCC does. Seriously. When you first apply the NYX lip cream it does, in fact, feel creamy- a stark contrast to OCC lip tars which feel a little gooey and heavy. Additionally after a few hours of wear, OCC can dry out and the NYX while still being very matte continues to have a moisturizing feeling.

Length of Wear:
Long wear. I don’t quite feel comfortable comparing the single nude NYX shade I have to the inumerable number of seriously bright and dark colors I have from OCC. This NYX color seems to transfer less, but the color is also much more muted than the OCC colors I have, so color transfer could just be less attention grabbing.

Color saturation:
Color saturation is good. Not quite as good as OCC, but that is to be expected and I don’t mind it much. For a more nude/natural color like Abu Dhabi, the slightly less saturated pigmentation is actually kind of nice… Especially since I worry about my OCC colors staining anything that they might touch. Seriously, I’ve ruined some t-shirts and costumes with those bad boys.

I REALLY like this color, and based on my experience with this shade would consider buying more lip creams from NYX.