With Christmas only NINE days away, the gifts are coming in and the inevitable thank you letter writing campaign is getting closer and closer. Normally, I am not this far ahead of the game, but being as I will be spending the holidays with different families all miles and miles away, I kind of have to be way ahead of the game this year.

I put together some “Thank You” stickers so that I can still make my appreciation cards special, even while I am out of town… away from most of my calligraphy nibs, pen holders, wash jars, paint brushes… the list goes on (which is why I wont be lugging any of it around with me).

These ended up being fairly challenging to make using calligraphy, digital image editing, and layout making skills to complete. If anyone was interested in a tutorial please comment below and I would be happy to oblige once the holidays die down, but for now if you want any they are for purchase on my Etsy store for $5/sheet of 12 stickers.