For a while I have been following the blog ThePostmansKnock. There, I’ve gotten a lot of great tips on developing my calligraphy and stolen some really fun project ideas for creating beautiful cards, envelopes, gift tags and stickers.

The latest inspiration I’ve taken from TPK was for DIY Christmas Cards. I loved the idea and the art is easy enough for anyone to do. I just tried my hand and emulating the lovely cards shared there. I added a twist of my own on the envelopes by making them out of tracing paper. These cards were a lot of fun to make, and if you haven’t finished your Christmas/holiday greetings yet consider giving it a try!




Challenges to note:
This worked better if I sketched everything out, then painted, then used a dip pen for the black line drawings (Nikko G) and “happy holidays” text (Brause EF66). IF you decide to follow this order of operation, erase any excess pencil lines for the ornaments or anything that will be painted over, as the pencil marks will be impossible to erase after being painted.