dual_airbrush_foundation_concealer_brush_black_1002_2014 IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection brush #7


Price: $48 MSRP

So, this brush is a little pricey, but I’ve tried buying large sets of make-up brushes at a low price and have always been disappointed with what I got. Usually, with those value sets I’ve spent anything from $15-45 on a handful of brushes and come out with maybe 3-5 that I actually use. After wasting all that money, I figured its more worth my money to pick a few quality brushes that I will actually use. I have to say, that I am very happy that I spent the extra money on this brush! Also, this brush is cruelty free and vegan!


The smaller end is the “Conceal” brush. I apply product either directly to the skin or dab it directly onto the brush and blend in the product in a circular motion with the brush. The brush head is compact, soft, and densely packed.
-Compact: it can get in the nooks-and crannies of my face (under eyes, the sides of my nose, and can pinpoint any problem spots I need to target with concealer.
-Soft: it feels great rubbing it on my face, especially the sensitive under-eye area.
-Densely packed: 1) to me this is a sign of quality 2) more bristles means it picks-up and spreads more product and great for full coverage concealer application 3) product is spread more evenly and helps you more easily achieve an air-brush finish. If you think about it, each bristle is a single point on which product is applied to your face, kind of like the pixels in a digital photo. The more points or pixels per square inch, the higher the quality of the photo and I think this same applies to make-up application, but that’s just my seat of the pants theory.

The larger end is the “All-Over” brush which works very well to apply, smooth, and blend bases. This is a poof-style foundation brush. In the past, I have always used the paddle style foundation brushes, and after using this I am a poof-style convert. I think this delivers a softer, better blended, and streak free finish over the paddle style foundation brushes. I have used this brush with liquid and cream foundation with great success. (I have been using OCC concealer in Y1 thinned down with a little bit of Alba Unscented original lotion) I have also used this to blend in my light-toned concealer on areas of my face that I want to highlight (the bridge of my nose, chin, brow ridge, forehead, cheeks and jawline). Like the concealer brush, it is very soft and densely packed delivering all of the benefits I listed above. One thing to note: if you are looking for lighter coverage, be cautious that this brush will apply a lot of product if you let it! For lighter coverage be sure not to apply with too heavy a hand!

So far, I have had this brush about a month. Now, I wash the brushes about once a week. After washing, rinsing and drying they’ve remained as soft as they were when I received them and haven’t shed a single bristle as far as I can tell. I’ve washed the concealer brush more, but that is entirely my own fault. The concealer brush has a tendency to pick-up and eat a lot of product. I started out mixing my weird “concealer+lotion=foundation” concoction with the concealer brush, but the brush soaked up a lot of the wet product. After two uses of doing this, it got a little too chunky in my new favorite for my comfort so I had to wash it. Now, I use what would be a throw-away concealer brush from a huge brush set from BH Cosmetics to mix the weird concoction and dab it onto the IT Cosmetics concealer brush with the BH Cosmetics brush! Most people won’t have this problem because, I realize, most people don’t do this…

Bottom Line:
GET IT, if you can afford it. In the long run, its a much better buy. It seems like a quality product that should last for years if taken care of, and works wonderfully for smooth, even application of complexion products.


Where to get it:
IT Cosmetics